The civil register records deeds of important events during a lifetime. These are kept in the municipal registers of the civil registry. A deed is drawn up at:

  • birth
  • marriage or partnership registration
  • divorce or termination of partnership registration
  • passing away

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How to

You can request a copy or extract from the civil registry at the municipality where the deed was drawn up. At the municipality of Mook en Middelaar you can request an extract or copy of the civil registration of events that took place in Mook en Middelaar

A copy of the civil status is a complete reproduction of the deed drawn up. An extract from the civil registry contains the information that applies at the time of issue.


Extract or copy civil register     € 16,60

How long does it take

The extract will be sent within 5 working days.

Additional information

  • International use

    If you need an extract from the civil register for international purposes, they are available in multiple languages on request. Please request during application.

    Who needs the extract?

    Would you like to request an extract from the civil register? Then you must be able to explain that you have a 'legitimate interest'. Does the extract concern yourself? Then this interest is usually clearly present. Would you like to request a copy or an extract about another person? Then the legitimate interest must be proven.